Coinciding with RoboCup 2018 Montréal Canada, Competition challenges, the Robot Technology & Industry Fair will exhibit robot-related technologies, products, and services at the RoboCup venue. The aim is to provide a good opportunity for attendees to interact with international robotics researchers. The exhibitors are intended to contribute to research and development of more sophisticated robot technologies, as well as to improve the quality of people’s lives using robots, promote related industries, and enhance related commercial trades.


Areas of interest for exhibitions: Industrial robots; personal service robots; medical and welfare robots; construction and inspection robots; IoT- and ICT-related technologies; camera and image processing technologies; actuator and related technologies; robot-related elemental technologies; self-driving technologies; control and embedded software; artificial intelligence; promising intellectual property and research; other robot-related technologies, products, and services.

List of Exhibitors

Should you be interested in exhibiting, please send your request to exhibitors@robocup2018.com. For all your Exhibitor Service needs and Order Forms, our General Services Decorator- GES, would be pleased to help you. The services provided can be viewed in the Exhibitors Kit provided below.

All booths will have a maximum depth of 3m. Available widths are 3, 6, or 9m. Please click here to download the order form for your exhibitor's booth

Exhibitor setup: June 16-17
Exhibition: June 18 to 21

Booth Furnishings Order Form


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