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Call for proposals: RCF Support for Collaborations 2018

The RoboCup Federation (RCF) is pleased to announce this call for proposals to support collaborative activities in RoboCup.

RCF Support for Collaborations 2018 aims at funding short-term visits of faculty or students (Bachelor, Master, or PhD level) to other institutions for the development of joint teams, interchange and integration of research from different sources, etc. The goal is to enable collaboration between RoboCup researchers at different institutions to foster progress of RoboCup and its leagues.

Examples of proposals in this category are (but not limited to):

  • Student exchange between RoboCup Teams (not applicable to Junior students)
  • Faculty exchange between RoboCup Teams
  • RoboCup camp and workshop attendance


Support will be given as reimbursement upon receipts of travel and living costs (excluding food and drinks). A detailed list of expenses must be described in the proposal. Funds from RCF are limited, partial funding may be also considered.

PLEASE NOTE: Requests for funding workshops should be coordinated through the league’s executives to avoid duplication.


A single PDF file should be submitted through the easychair system
Under the Category: Collaborations

The proposal must contain the information described below:

  1. MAX 1-PAGE Cover letter, with (i) Name of visitor, institution; (ii) Name of host, institution; (iii) period of visit; (iv) title of proposed research; and (v) requested amount with justification.
  2. MAX 2-PAGE Proposed plan of work for the visit, agreed by both visitor and host, including the goals of the work.
  3. MAX 2-PAGE CV of host, explicitly stating the relevant RoboCup research.
  4. MAX 2-PAGE CV of visitor, explicitly stating the relevant RoboCup research.


Application materials will be evaluated by a committee of RoboCup Trustees or RoboCup Exec members. The evaluation of the proposals will be based on (i) the quality of the proposed research; (ii) the research contributions of the applicants, particularly in relation to RoboCup; and (iii) the impact of the proposed plan on the advancement and visibility of RoboCup.

A limited number of awards is expected to be assigned.


  • Submission Deadline: December 15, 2017
  • Notification: December 22, 2017
  • Completion of the action: by RoboCup 2018

Collaborations should be completed before RoboCup 2018 and the results should be presented as a poster at the RoboCup Symposium 2018. Exceptions to this rule must be submitted for approval to the evaluation committee.

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