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The organization looked at how machines could assist humans in their everyday workplace and lives. The best way to solve this problem was thought to be to use human talent and research to create, develop and envision robot prototypes with intelligence that can help individuals be safe and better. Since then, Robotics and Artificial Intelligence has helped thousands of individuals in industry, medical facilities, dangerous places, in their homes, entertain them and help keep humans safe.

We have come a long way in the field of robotics, however, we still have much research and testing to conduct. Partnerships have helped our organizations thrive towards intended common goals. RoboCup takes pride as being the incubator, leaders in autonomous machines with Artificial Intelligence (AI), Research and Development with passionate and talented participants to drive robotics.

The RoboCup 2018 Montréal Canada event will offer a publicly appealing opportunity, visibility to various technologies, robotics and exposure to the passionate RoboCuppers from around the world. One of the effective ways to promote science, technology, robotics, engineering, arts and mathematics is to set a challenging long term goal. When the accomplishment of such a goal has significant social impact, it is called a grand challenge project. Building a robot that plays soccer, works in the home, in industries, able to find and rescue, among other things to help humans generate significant social and economic impact. We call this kind of challenge a landmark project. RoboCup is a landmark project as well as a learning pathway to machine learning and AI development within a strong community of practice. See more at:


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