Symposium Schedule

The Symposium will be held at the Palais des congrès on Friday, June 22/​ ​2018. The Keynote, Workshops and Poster sessions will be located on the 5th Floor​.​

08:50-09:00Welcome and Greetings
09:00-10:00Keynote 1 Jeannette Bohg
10:00-10:30Oral Session 1 - 2 Papers (15 mins each)
Diego Rodriguez, André Brandenburger and Sven Behnke. Combining Simulations and Real-robot Experiments for Bayesian Optimization of Bipedal Gait Stabilization
Cristopher Gómez, Matías Mattamala, Tim Resink and Javier Ruiz-Del-Solar. Visual SLAM-based Localization and Navigation for Service Robots: The Pepper Case
10:30-11:15Poster Teasers - 21 Papers(1/5mins each)
11:15-12:00Poster Session and Coffee break
12:00-13:00Oral Session 2 - 4 Papers (15 mins each)
Devin Schwab, Yifeng Zhu and Manuela Veloso. Learning Skills for Small Size League RoboCup
Thomas Gabel, Philipp Klöppner, Eicke Godehardt and Alaa Tharwat. Communication in Soccer Simulation: On the Use of Wiretapping Opponent Teams
Warren Watkinson and Tracy Camp. Training a RoboCup Striker Agent via Transferred Reinforcement Learning
Ricardo Dias, Bernardo Cunha, Jose Azevedo, Artur Pereira and Nuno Lau. Multi-Robot Fast-Paced Coordination With Leader Election
13:00-14:00Lunch (Roof Top Terrasse, 7th Floor)
14:00-15:00Keynote 2 Yoshua Bengio
15:00-16:00Oral Session 3 - 4 Papers (15 mins each)
Márton Szemenyei and Vladimir Estivill-Castro. Real-time Scene Understanding using Deep Neural Networks for RoboCup SPL
Mihai Polceanu, Fabrice Harrouet and Cedric Buche. Fast Multi-Scale fHOG Feature Extraction Using Histogram Downsampling
Trent Houliston and Stephan Chalup. Visual Mesh: Real-time Object Detection Using Constant Sample Density
Francisco Leiva, Nicolás Cruz, Ignacio Bugueño and Javier Ruiz-Del-Solar. Playing Soccer without Colors in the SPL: A Convolutional Neural Network Approach
16:00-16:45Poster Session 2 and Coffee break
16:45-17:45Keynote 3 Torsten Kroeger
17:45-18:00Closing Remarks and Best Paper Award
18:00-20:00Farewell Party (Roof Top Terrasse, 7th Floor)

Poster Sessions 1 and 2

1Okan Aşık, Binnur Görer and H. Levent Akin. End-to-End Deep Imitation Learning: Robot Soccer Case Study
2Georg Christian Felbinger, Patrick Göttsch, Pascal Loth, Lasse Peters and Felix Wege. Designing Convolutional Neural Networks Using a Genetic Approach for Ball Detection
3Niklas Fiedler, Marc Bestmann and Norman Hendrich. ImageTagger: An Open Source Online Platform for Collaborative Image Labeling
4Takuya Fukushima, Tomoharu Nakashima and Hidehisa Akiyama. Mimicking an Expert Team through the Learning of Evaluation Functions from Action Sequences
5Alexander Gabel, Tanja Heuer, Ina Schiering and Reinhard Gerndt. Jetson, where is the Ball? Using Neural Networks for Ball Detection at RoboCup 2017
6Reinhard Gerndt, Maike Paetzel, Jacky Baltes and Olivier Ly. Bridging the Gap - On a Humanoid Robotics Rookie League
7Fabrice Jumel, Jacques Saraydaryan, Raphael Leber, Laetitia Matignon, Eric Lombardi, Christian Wolf and Olivier Simonin. Context Aware Robot Architecture, Application to the Robocup@Home Challenge
8Mauricio Matamoros, Karin Harbusch and Dietrich Paulus. From Commands to Goal-based Dialogs: A Roadmap to Achieve Natural Language Interaction in RoboCup@Home
9Olivia Michael, Oliver Obst, Falk Schmidsberger and Frieder Stolzenburg. RoboCupSimData: Software and Data for Machine Learning from RoboCup Simulation League
10Federico Nardi, María T. Lázaro, Luca Iocchi and Giorgio Grisetti. Generation of laser-quality 2D navigation maps from RGB-D sensors
11Matías Pavez, Javier Ruiz-Del-Solar, Victoria Amo and Felix Meyer Zu Driehausen. Towards Long-Term Memory for Social Robots: Proposing a New Challenge for the RoboCup@Home League
12Pedro Pena, Christine Lisetti, Mihai Polceanu and Ubbo Visser. eEVA: Real-time Web-based Affective Agents for Human-Robot Interface
13Tanguy Pomas and Tomoharu Nakashima. Evaluation of Situations in RoboCup 2D Simulations using Soccer Field Images
14Esteban Reyes, Cristopher Gómez, Esteban Norambuena and Javier Ruiz-Del-Solar. Near Real-Time Object Recognition for Pepper based on Deep Neural Networks Running on a Backpack
15Robin Matthias Schmucker, Chenghui Zhou and Manuela Veloso. Multimodal Movement Activity Recognition Using a Robot's Proprioceptive Sensors
16Masaru Shimizu and Tomoichi Takahashi. Survey of rescue competitions and proposal of new standard task from ordinary tasks
17David Simoes, Nuno Lau and Luis Paulo Reis. Adjusted Bounded Weighted Policy Learner
18Daniel Speck, Marc Bestmann and Pablo Barros. Towards Real-Time Ball Localization using CNNs
19Sander G. Van Dijk and Marcus M. Scheunemann. Deep Learning for Semantic Segmentation on Minimal Hardware
20Aaron Wong, Ryan Jeffery, Peter Turner, Scott Sleap and Stephan Chalup. RoboCup Junior in the Hunter Region: Driving the Future of Robotic STEM Education
21Weijia Yao, Sha Luo, Huimin Lu and Junhao Xiao. Distributed Circumnavigation Control with Dynamic Spacings for a Heterogeneous Multi-robot System
22Behnam Yazdankhoo, Mohammad Navid Shahsavari, Soroush Sadeghnejad and Jacky Baltes. Prediction of a ball trajectory for the humanoid robots: A friction-based study

Posters from RoboCup funded Projects

1Wouter Kuijpers, Jaap Vos, Ton Peijnenburg and Marinus J.G. Van de Molengraft7th International RoboCup Middle Size League WorkshopMiddle-sizeWorkshop
2Arnoud Visser and Luis Gustavo NardinThe MATLAB Machine Learning Tutorial for Robot Rescue Simulation LeagueRescue SimulationCollaboration
3Jacky Baltes, Reinhard Gerndt, Soroush Sadeghnejad and Olivier LyProjects for League Developments 2018, 7th International School for Humanoid Soccer Robots 2018HumanoidWorkshop
4Isaac Jesus Da Silva, Olivier Ly and Reinaldo A. C. BianchiDevelopment a vision system with Deep Neural Networks to object detection in RoboCup Humanoid LeagueHumanoidCollaboration
5Changhao Liang and Jiashi ZhangProposal: Combine Choregraphe with SPQRel navigation@Home SSPLCollaboration
6Ziqi HuExtraction and Analysis of Embodied Collaborative Behavior from Cyber-Physical Human-Robot Interaction with Immersive User Interfaces for RoboCup @Home and simulation@HomeCollaboration
7Maziar Palhang, Seyed Navid Hoseini Izadi and Mohamad RoshanzamirNao Motion Editor for 3D Soccer Simulation League using Gazebo3D SimulationProject
8Heinrich Mellmann, Benjamin Schlotter and Philipp StrobelData Driven Research and Development in RoboCupProject
9Ricardo Dias and Bernardo CunhaWiFi Monitoring Tool for MSL (and RoboCup)Middle-sizeProject
10Thomas Röfer and Tim LaueExtending and Updating the RoboCup Standard Platform League's GameController ApplicationSPLProject
11Ricardo Dias and Bernardo CunhaRoboCup MSL 8th International WorkshopMiddle-sizeWorkshop
12Roberto Pinillos, Eduardo Zalama and María Teresa LázaroRCF Support for Projects for League Developments 2018@Home SSPLWorkshop
13Amy Eguchi and Gerard EliasRoboCup Junior Strategic MeetingJuniorWorkshop
14Jeffrey Too Chuan TanRoboCup@Home Education Outreach Initiative to Canada in Promotion of RoboCup 2018@HomeWorkshop
15Okan Aşık and Kevin Christian Rodríguez SiuIntegration of the RoboCup Rescue Agent Simulator to OpenAI GymRescue Agent SimulationCollaboration
16Luis F Lupian, Hector Aviles, Enrique Sucar and Marco MoralesMexican Winter School on RoboticsAllWorkshop
17Jiayao Shen and Changjiu ZhouCoSpace RoboCamp and Challenge @RoboCup 2018CoSpaceWorkshop
18Rodrigo Guerra, Paulo Drews-Jr and Cleverton Bueno Dos Santos JúniorRoboCup@Home Week@HomeCollaboration


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